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 Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber is an artist, musician, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in northern Israel. In addition to seven ambient / electronica music albums for free download, SWS has produced Project Double Mirrors, and runs a network of ten web sites, an online imaging/photo gallery, and a video archive. Two books were released in 2001. Stay tuned and check back at the SWS Network of sites often. Two ebooks were published in 2013. In 2015 a seventh album was completed by Dylan Tauber, titled "Near Death Experience." Also in 2015, Dylan completed an 8th album titled "Dolphin Trance".

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2003 - Third Album - The Healing

2005 - fourth album - Aliyah

2006 - fifth album - Ones and Zeros

2007 - sixth album - Breathe

2015 - 7nth album - Near Death Experience

2015 - 8th album - Dolphin Trance

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NEW for 2015: SWS has completed a 7nth album: Near Death Experience

NEW for 2015: SWS completed an 8th album: Dolphin Trance by Dylan Tauber:

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Soundtrack CD
24 tracks! ambient/techno
dolphin music$8.99
 The Doorway
Ambient/techno SWS Album. 12 tracks highly acclaimed tracks.$8.99
The Healing
SWS Album. 14 tracks. $8.99
SWS Album. $8.99
 Ones and Zeros
SWS Album. $8.99



SWS Album. . $8.99
Double Mirrors
424 page ebook $2.99
Available for purchase through iBookstore
The Doorway
384 page ebook $2.99
Available for purchase through iBookstore
Near Death Experience
2015 - new album by SWS.
Available for purchase on iTunes
Dolphin Trance
2015 - new album by SWS.
Available for purchase on iTunes

 2005 - Double Mirrors picture book now for sale by Xlibris. 80 images, only $26.99. Order now - click image on left!

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