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Project Double Mirrors 4.0 -5 music video slide
shows/video from multimedia Project Double Mirrors

catagories:IDolphinsIISWS PacificIISWS JerusalemII SWS Miami IIMiscI
Dolphins 01-Aug-1999, 6.5 MB 01-Aug-1999, 11.4 MB 01-Aug-1999, 17.5 MB 27-Sep-1999, 1.8 MB

More Dolphin Videos by

SWS Jerusalem 27-Sep-1999 19:08 392k 27-Sep-1999 19:16 37k 27-Sep-1999 19:16 1.3M 27-Sep-1999 18:53 1.9M 27-Sep-1999 19:05 1.9M 27-Sep-1999 19:05 38k 27-Sep-1999 18:22 1.2M 01-Feb-2000 12:21 544k
SWS Miami 27-Sep-1999 18:01 379k
SWS Pacific 27-Sep-1999 18:23 79k 27-Sep-1999 18:06 492k 27-Sep-1999 18:03 221k 27-Sep-1999 18:30 909k 01-Feb-2000 22:51 4.2M 01-Feb-2000 12:16 1.6M 01-Feb-2000 16:51 1008k 01-Feb-2000 16:46 770k 01-Feb-2000 16:41 471k 01-Feb-2000 14:23 1.0M 01-Feb-2000 13:50 290k 01-Feb-2000 13:48 886k 01-Feb-2000 13:42 3.1M 01-Feb-2000 21:24 433k
1945 - The Atomic Bo..> 05-May-1999 18:13 371k
Bruce.jpg 01-Aug-1999 16:23 2k 01-Aug-1999 16:23 213k 01-Aug-1999 16:26 413k 02-May-1999 04:50 4.6M 05-May-1999 18:05 1.4M

    1. Video excerpts from Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM
    2. Other video by Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber:
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 Dolphin Videos
(seven youtube videos by Dylan Tauber)
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And for some of the animation and video taken directly from Project Double Mirrors choose from below:

Additional video excerpts from Project Double Mirrors:

 Animation clip from 6.5 mb

 dolphin video 2 (Quicktime)- 6.5 MB

 dolphin video 3 (Quicktime)- 11.4 MB

 Ben Galim movie (Quicktime)- 17.5 MB

 Ying Yang movie (Quicktime)- 165 kb

 Virtual Visionary Animation

 [Streaming Shockwave Interactive Collage]

 A-Bomb over Hiroshima- (Quicktime 376 k)

Project Double Mirrors 4.0




 Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber is an electronic musician, artist, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in northern Israel. In addition to eleven ambient / electronica / trance music albums, SWS has produced Project Double Mirrors,, runs an online imaging/photo gallery, and video is featured as well. Two books were published in 2001. A picture book was published in 2005. Stay tuned and check back at the SWS Network of sites often. Two ebooks were released in November 2013.

 Double Mirrors Soundtrack

 The Doorway


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Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance 2" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

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