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 SWS music (Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber)- consists of 12 ambient / electronica / trance albums.

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DoubleMirrors Soundtrack , The Doorway, The Healing , Aliyah, Ones and Zeros and Breathe, Near Death Experience, Dolphin Trance, and Dolphin Trance 2 are available for free download. Also, ten albums are available on CD Baby and Apple Itunes for 99 cents per song or $9.99 for the whole album.


A second alblum by Son of Waves Studios - Dylan Tauber's second alblum, from 1999, The Doorway, features delicate and deep ambient sampled soundscapes about drugs, hackers, revolution, and even a penthouse pet named Nicki. 

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NEW: 11th album: Compilation 2 The best songs since 2006, by Dylan Tauber:

NEW: SWS completed a new 12th album: Sounds from Space by Dylan Tauber:

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SWS Flag Ship Album, Double Mirrors Soundtrack is available at iTunes and for sale. The album features critically acclaimed indie artist produced ambient / electronica inspired by dolphins, Ethiopian Woman, and the cyber-spirit.

Son of Waves Studios also runs an imaging/photo gallery, a video gallery, a picture book has been released in 2005, and 2 e-books released in 2013. Visit the SWS Network of 16 sites often.

Dylan Tauber's song "Into the Light" won the #1 spot on the Audio Chart:

Double Mirrors Soundtrack

The Doorway

Dolphin Trance

Dolphin Trance 2

Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance 2" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

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