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 SWS music (Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber)- consists of 11 ambient / electronica / trance albums.

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DoubleMirrors Soundtrack , The Doorway, The Healing , Aliyah, Ones and Zeros and Breathe, Near Death Experience, and Dolphin Trance are available for free download. Also, all eight albums are available on CD Baby and Apple Itunes for 99 cents per song or $9.99 for the whole album.


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Double Mirrors Soundtrack

The Doorway

A second alblum by Son of Waves Studios - Dylan Tauber's second alblum, from 1999, The Doorway, features delicate and deep ambient sampled soundscapes about drugs, hackers, revolution, and even a penthouse pet named Nicki. 

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NEW: 10th album: Compilation 2 The best songs since 2006, by Dylan Tauber:

NEW: SWS has completed an 11th album: Dolphin Trance 2 by Dylan Tauber:

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SWS Flag Ship Album, Double Mirrors Soundtrack is available at iTunes and for sale. The album features critically acclaimed indie artist produced ambient / electronica inspired by dolphins, Ethiopian Woman, and the cyber-spirit.

Son of Waves Studios also runs an imaging/photo gallery, a video gallery, a picture book has been released in 2005, and 2 e-books released in 2013. Visit the SWS Network of 12 sites often.

Dylan Tauber's song "Into the Light" won the #1 spot on the Audio Chart on 2/27/15:

Double Mirrors Soundtrack

 The Doorway



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