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Infinite music and imaging studio.

"Take a moment of truth... . then copy and paste."

Dylan Tauber studied at Columbia University from 1993-1996, graduating with a BA in visual arts, with an emphasis on photography and electronic music. He was also the associate editor of the Columbia Spectator in the summer of 1994. In 1994 Dylan turned his dorm room into a digital photography and electronic music studio. He was the first student at Columbia to create digital art and digital photography. Dylan's senior year independent study was the Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM, a multimedia project containing hundreds of photographs, digital artwork, multimedia, and an original electronica / ambient soundtrack called the Double Mirrors Soundtrack. Dylan also studied writing, and his Double Mirror Theory was first written as a paper for his Lit Hum class in 1994, and later published on, founded on November 1, 1996, was the internet evolution of Dylan's Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM. He built this site from his first studio on 14th st. in the East Village of Manhattan. Dylan's NYC artwork and photography can be seen on his web gallery.

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